Searching for the perfect way to unwind after a hard day's work?  Your new Coastal Pools custom hot tub is the answer.  We offer a variety of interchangeable massage jets as well as custom spa shapes and configurations.  Check out these examples of some of our beautiful and therapeutic hot tubs.


Relax in style

With room for 2 to 22, our luxurious hot tubs soothe aching muscles and delight young and old alike with features like therapeutic water jets, enticing spa spillovers and stacked flagstone waterfalls, and alluring glass tiles.

Whether you have an existing pool, are considering getting a new pool, or would just love to have the longevity of a custom gunite hot tub, Coastal Pools is ready with a team of designers and builders to make your dreams a reality.



Custom Luxury

We design with you in mind.  A hot tub should be as beautiful and inviting as it is comforting.  Renovate your swimming pool and add the deliciousness of your very own hot tub to the mix.