Q: What is a gunite pool?

A: A gunite pool is a concrete pool where the water is added as the cement is applied. This allows us to “shoot” the concrete into the areas we need to form your pool. We can design just about any shape imaginable.


Q: Why would I want a gunite pool versus a vinyl or fiberglass one?

A: When you want a permanent edition to your home that will greatly increase the value of your home and will hold its value, then you want a gunite pool. Gunite pools are not susceptible to the damage that can affect its water holding counterparts. After Hurricane Rita, we serviced many gunite pools, getting them back up and running. We also submitted many bids to change vinyl pools to gunite since many were destroyed by the storm. After removing felled trees from the pool, many gunite customers were back up in a week!


Q: Aren’t concrete pools expensive?

A: The initial cost of a concrete pool is usually more than that of a vinyl or fiberglass swimming pool. You are paying for longevity when buying a gunite pool. You are buying flexibility. You are getting peace of mind.


Q: Which is better, a salt or chlorine pool?

A: Salt pools ARE chlorinated pools, just not like you think. With our production grade chlorine generators by GoldLine, you will say goodbye to red eyes, itchy skin, heavy chemical odors and unwanted bleaching of toys & clothes. If this sounds good, salt is probably right for you!


Q: How does a salt pool work?

A: Using chlorine is the proven way to destroy bacteria, viruses & algae in your pool water. Salt chlorinators produce their own chlorine when mildly salted water is passed through the Salt Cell. The salt is then broken down to its elements: sodium & chlorine (NaCl). The chlorine dissolves instantly in the water and immediately starts to safely sanitize. Chlorinators also produce a small amount of ozone (02) as a by-product. This adds sparkle and freshness to your pool.


Q: Does a salt chlorinated pool cost more than traditional chlorinated ones?

A: Salt pools initially have more out-of-pocket expense to set-up than traditional chlorinated pools. You will find that you will actually save money over the next 3-5 years as you will not have to buy chlorine every year.


Q: Will salt water destroy my grass or landscaping?

A: The ocean’s salinity is around 3.5%, the Dead Sea is closer to 8% salt. A salt water home pool is around 0.3% ! We have been installing salt systems for over 4 years and have yet to have anyone have this complaint


Q: Is there a way to control my pool system WITHOUT climbing over plumbing?

A: Yes. Our Aqua Logic systems allow you full control of your lighting, vacuums, water features, outside audio, pumps, & more!


Q: Does it really matter who builds my pool?

A: Absolutely. Coastal Pools has been installing gunite pools for over 50 years. Our original installers are no longer with us, but we have several artisans that have been with our company for over 30 years! We still make pools the same way. With quality, care, & knowledge. We have encountered every possible problem imaginable (& some quite UNimaginable) & know how to solve any potential problems. There is a reason why our statement is,”We care enough to build it better.” Our reputation stands on our outstanding workmanship & quality. So, yes, their price may be cheaper. You may want to ask yourself… WHY?