Building Your Pool

The Coastal Pools Difference

A Coastal Pool is a low-maintenance, low-operating costs, energy-efficient system.  Our service is designed to allow you maximum enjoyment with minimal upkeep.  How do we do this? 


First off, we build pools to last.  We've been in business over 50 years and our pools are still around.  Sure they've been replastered, retiled, or redesigned a time or two, but they last!  We offer a Limited Warranty* on every pool we build but you won't ever need it.



We use High Performance, Full-Rated, Energy Efficient Whisperflo pumps.  Why does this matter?  Other companies sell & install up-rated pumps to make their installation cheaper.  What do you mean?  An up-rated pump is neither energy-efficient or exactly as it seems.  A 1.5 HP up-rated pump is really a 1 HP pump labeled as a 1.5 HP!  Yes, companies really do this and it's a secret they don't want you to know. 

We recommend installing the new Intelliflo VS or VF pumps for to maximize energy savings.  Combining the Intelliflo pump with a salt system will reducae your pool operating costs to $15-$20 a month!  Imagine your friend's disbelief when you tell them how much you spend monthly on your pool.  They won't believe you!  That's the Coastal Pools difference.



Nature knows what its doing and has been doing its thing for longer than anyone can guess.  The simplest filtration and easiest to maintain is a sand filter.  Yes, there are other choices for filtration, but nothing comes close to the ease-of-use, clarity, and low-maintenance of sand filters.  We even offer sand filters with additional filtration that beats the water clarity of any other system available!  Coastal Pools is the best because our customers get the best products for their pool.  Coastal Pools is the best because our customers are the best. 


Coastal Pools uses Pool Studio to pre-design swimming pools for our clients.  With this top-notch 3-D design software, you have never been closer to your dream pool.  The question is not whether you'll like the pool.  The question is which pool will you like best? 

*Limited Warranty applies to new pool construction only.  Our warranty warrants against the basic pool shell to remain structurally sound for a period of 5 years.  It is non-transferable and will not cover flaws created by poor pool maintenance.




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